Bank of Moscow has issued loans to Russian Platinum

11 Ноября 2011
The Bank of Moscow has issued a total of USD 138.9 million in loans maturing in November 2015 to Artel Staratelei Amur.

Artel Staratelei Amur is a part of Russian Platinum group.

About companies:

Russian Platinum is one of the leading producer of platinum group metals (PGM) in the world. Volumes of platinum production exceed 3.5t per annum. Main production assets of Russian Platinum include Kondyor deposit, one of the largest platinum alluvial deposits in the world, located in the northern part of Khabarovsk region, and Chernogorskoe ore deposit located close by the city of Norilsk.

The Bank of Moscow is one of the leading universal commercial banks in the Russian Federation in terms of assets and capital and in terms of the volume of funds drawn from the population. Strong client confidence and brand recognition contribute a lot to expansion of customer base in both retail and corporate areas. Currently, The Bank of Moscow provides services to over 100,000 corporate clients and over 9 million private customers.
Russian Platinum group