Why crypto industry loses top players?

15 Ноября 2016
Why do companies that have a good reputation, which is considered promising and profitable, decide to stop, break their commitments to customers and service providers, and declare themselves bankrupt? Do the old-fashioned way – he hit the jackpot, grab the money and abandon their customers, declaring themselves bankrupt? Does this mean that their bankruptcy – fictitious? Then these companies – hidden pyramid. Alternatively, up to the inability to properly determine a strategy to calculate the expenses and income?

In the research process, our staff turned to the history of the acclaimed Swedish manufacturer KnCMiner, who in the spring of this year declared itself the bankrupt. Sam Cole is the CEO of the company explained the move preparing for the July halving: "it's All about our performance. Is that 1 bitcoin mined can be estimated at USD 480, which allows us to be in the black? As soon as the rewards for mined block is halved, our costs will be too high." However, after halving went the increase in prices of cryptocurrencies and bought one of the data centers of the Swedes, the English company Bitcoin World experiencing the best of times? Their monthly income exceeds the sum of USD 700 000, and soon this amount will exceed $ 1 million per month. So what kind of loss are you talking about? According to General Director of the Bitcoin World Remigijus of Mikalauskas, bankruptcy their Swedish colleagues – a consequence of the protracted courts. Although a decision on the claims of dissatisfied customers was made in favor of the company, participation in the process is a little ripe, narrowed the range of clients and KnCMiner had to refocus the company's policy, look for a new place. In this case, bankruptcy is a reasonable, well-planned step for the changeover to the new owners. By the way, specialists serving data centers, remained in their places, and with the new owners. If the story of the "fall" of the legendary Swedish manufacturer to some extent the noble and tragic, the American colleague, company CoinTerra went bankrupt on purpose. In the course of this litigation, the plaintiffs filed a claim for the payment of services for hosting and maintenance, when the revenue was allowed to do it. Here there is immorality against the miners and against the colleagues. Of course, the court awarded CoinTerra to pay all the debts.

In fact, these stories apparently successful and promising companies are many. It often happens that the causes of bankruptcy are trying to cheat the system to write off debts. Therefore, before you sign a contract for the supply of equipment or hire of facilities, provision of hosting services, I advise you to read carefully the reputation of the partner.

About the company

Bitcoin World is a British company engaged in cryptocurrency mining. Officially registered in the UK in August 2016, Bitcoin World, however, has an earlier history of creation and foundation.
From February 2016, company’s General Director Remigijus Mikalauskas has signed an agreement to acquire data center located in Sweden, through the lease with further option to purchase it. All equipment of the mining farm also departs at the disposal of the new owner. At the moment, the capacity of the leased data center with its own production accounts is more than 16 PH/s.

After receiving the official status, Bitcoin World is engaged with the production of electronic gold not only for own needs, but also provides servers of different capacity in the sublease. Customers can choose the power and speed of the leased server; calculate its profitability, the payback period of the rent, as well as size and the net profit from mining.

Bitcoin World provides services for mining bitcoin and forks on different algorithms: SHA256, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto Scrypt mining.

Starting from February 2016, company continuously increases its base of cryptocurrency and production capacity, gains momentum rapidly. Until 2020 company’s management is planning to fully acquire data center. However, in August 2016, plans have changed and now there is a question on early repayment of the contract before the end of 2017.
PR Manager
Bitcoin World